Saturday, 13 February 2010

Total recall

I have watched the news with interest of late as Toyota have recalled virtually every model they produce due to faulty cup holders or similar. In fact it seems that with each day, another horror story appears about brake failures or sticky accelerators.
The main reason for my interest is a longshot hope that in some way our ropey Korean/ American MPV trash can is in some way related (first cousin?) to Toyota and they somehow supplied or fitted the shabby brakes on this car. At times the brakes have a mind of their own and decide to have a rest at random moments such as stopping at a roundabout for example. This intermittent problem has not been made any better by the post-snow-apocalypse road surfaces we have around here. Makes for a Stig-like journey each time you pop to the shops. Despite taking the heap to the garage a number of times I have been told the brakes are installed correctly. However it is the quality of what has been installed that I'm now more worried about.
I think its time for a change of car. I'm sure Mrs C agrees. In fact I think she is trying to force the issue and has hidden the hamster carcass somewhere abouts in the hope the phantom smell will get to us first.
However after carrying mud soaked boys back from football today followed by Happy Meals on board, I'm not entirely sure that moving away from our pseudo-cattle truck is the best idea.

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  1. Our large haired eldest would like a Ferrari Enzo please. Can you fit a family of four in one plus the odd 'antique' cupboard or chair that I happen to buy?