Tuesday, 16 February 2010


While on a nostalgia trip, I thought I would conduct a serious bit of research.
Please let me know if you were a Whizz Kid or a Chip-ite.
This is very important.


  1. Readers of Cor!! and Shiver & Shake are to be commended.

  2. Hi,
    I was a Beano boy..Baby Face Finlayson and Brassneck the robot boy? Is this correct or am I confusing different comics. The Toffs and the Toughs?
    We seem to have had a lot of Christmas 'Bumper' books at Christmas. At the time the word 'bum' was a joy.

  3. BFF = Beano and Brassneck = Dandy. Think the Toffs & Toughs were Whizzer & Chips!!
    I too was also a Beano/ Dandy reader - and still am. Thankfully the gene has been passed down and I can catch up when F is at school.
    Shame about my Bunty gene though.

  4. I hope that my son has inherited my 'Twinkle' gene.