Thursday, 4 February 2010


In order to balance the books, the judges have decided to introduce a new feature:
Dairy Aberration of the Week.
Hopefully this will satisfy the cheese purists out there (I mean French people.....again).
Nice tablecloth too.
By the way, those are real maggots.
Casu Marzu.........mmmm. Now where are the kids lunchboxes?


  1. I remember tucking into this when it was whole. It was on a table in Monaco in the summer of '76. It was sooo funny when Bunny Douglas made a quip to Biana Jagger about the funny smell. I knelt down to sniff it and caught an extra enormous noseful of her underarm mouse fur. Well all that heat, sex and champagne had knocked me a bit sick and I just chucked into this large cheese. I am delighted that you have finally found an image of it.

  2. Personnaly, it reminds me of my annual holidays in Corsica ; plenty of heat, sex and Champagne as well, but also the famous Bruccio, a maggot filled cheese that required an extra strong red wine. Definitely no sex after that!!!