Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Ouch 2!

I know some might think this is just is deliberate ruse to avoid dragging my middle-aged spread around the 5 mile fun run course in a couple of weeks, but my leg is not well.
After my last run on Thursday morning, I came back with a calf strain and it hasn't gone away yet which is a worry. Also I noticed that my left shin had swollen up last night and again this morning.
I'm trying to rest it as much as possible, but life doesn't allow a comfy chair and a footstool I'm afraid.
Made the mistake of looking on Google earlier so I am now nursing thoughts of foot operations, fluid retention and/or amputation.
Off to the docs shortly. Probably 2 aspirins and a note for teacher.


  1. Do we get a refund on the spnsorship?

    I can't believe you extorted the money out of us and then "LEGGED" it.

  2. Jeez Cheese....... I think your socks are too tight and you've cut off the circulation to your calf. You are not allowed to be injured. Who will drive Miss Cheesie to all her appointments?

  3. He sounds in a right mess actually...I can't believe you let him out on his own.

  4. Bleedin 'el.......you and your shin, Mrs B and 'er knees.....

  5. ...apparently I've got a torn calf muscle and a pitting edema. But your kind words are appreciated.
    I'm supposed to give it 3 or 4 weeks but I will see how it goes.... I want to run but this is p***ing me off now.
    Mr Grumpy.

  6. Merde! You've taken my "torn carf muscle" way out of the 5 miler!!!! I'll have to think ofsomething else now... How about: "It's too bloody long nd it's too bloody steep!"

  7. Today I look like I've had a leg transplant - and Matt Lucas was the donor.

  8. Leg swelling has gone down. Mysterious blood bruising on foot is disappearing. Calf & Shin still feel a bit sore but planning on going for it on Sunday.
    Get the ambulance ready.........Nurse!!