Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Sweet memories...

Online nostalgia sweet shop Aquarterof.co.uk recently conducted a poll amongst its regular customers to find the best sweet bar of all time.
My all time favourite, the Texan bar was voted the best ever by a massive margin. This was a Rowntrees classic, hard nougat covered in chocolate and it used to take even me a good 5 minutes to polish off.
The adverts featured a line-drawn Clint Eastwood type cool-dude cowboy who thwarted his assailants with the minimum of effort, thus allowing him time to spend eating Texan bars.
I'm gutted to learn that Nestle brought Texan bars back - but only for 6 weeks a few years ago. I missed this - I was probably eating rubbish Haribos at the time.

Below is the full list - note the Top 5 are all no longer available!

Top 10 List:
1. Texan Bar

2. Nutty Bar

3. Mint Cracknell

4. Cabana

5. Aztec Bar

6. Curly Wurly

7. Caramac

8. Mars Bar

9. Star Bar

10. Secret Bar
I vaguely remember most of these (maybe the packaging, if not the taste).
Check out this website for further blasts from the past
Now, as for Spanish Gold sweet tobacco..............................


  1. I liked 'Ruffle' bars. Small dark chocolate bars with a pink coconut centre. Lovely. I also remember Ipsos. Crap sweets but the container looked liked a big chunky lego block. Oh and cinnamon dentyne.

  2. Do you remember a chocolate bar called Amazin'.
    'it's amazin what raisins can do..lal la la!' It had a weird seventies purple and yellowish wrapper with drawing on and exploded writing as far as I can remember, like cake mix with raisins in it. I think it was horrible but slots in to a memory of almost liking strange things and eating to destruction.

  3. I do remember Amazin' bars and also the song
    "it's amazin' what raisins can do, all that goodness and it's all for you...etc".
    I think the raisins were what constituted a balanced diet in 1975.
    I certainly used to partake in 5 (bars) a day back then.

  4. Anyone remember a very classy choc bar by Frys? It had 5 different flavoured segments. Very sophisticated, like cheesy pineapple sticks.

  5. Food of the Gods! Pink, yellow green and white?

  6. I was a toffo and pacers (minty in an opal fruit type of way!) girl myself! Fry's were great, but there was always one flavour that you didn't like. Now space dust was always a fave..........

  7. I remember multi-flavour Toffos - some dubious flavours. There was also a very nasty Spangle I avoided.
    I spent many a happy Saturday pressing different flavour Chewits together into a multi-coloured stack.

  8. Coca cola spangles were great. They had a fizzy quality. Didn't like the 'olde english' flavour though. Bit too much like Fisherman's friends for my liking!