Friday, 27 August 2010

Mark my words

When the kids were smaller we used to smile every time they said something that didn't quite come out correctly. Some of these words became quite endearing and ended up being part of our daily dictionary, like the following examples;

Toggler - small child
Ude a boon - use a spoon
Babbie - muslin square
Sheshun - medicine
Cowpull - a type of children's sheshun
Filou bilou - small children's yoghurt
Chicken jam - gravy
Salt & vanilleger - unusual crisp flavour.

Now they are older I find myself stuck in the middle, deciding whether to correct their attempts ( and thus confiine any mis- pronunciations to the archives) or allowing them to continue with their errors to keep us contented (thus risking eternal embarrassment should they say such things in front of their teachers or mates).

I know what the kids would prefer us to do, but it always feels like the end of an era when a favourite word or expression no longer enters the conversation.

Perhaps, for the sake of it, I will keep on using these favourite expressions until they catch on everywhere. After all 'wicked' and 'bling' started off somewhere.

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Tuesday, 24 August 2010

High as a kite

Took the kids up to the Downs ( that sounds wrong) for a bit of kite flying.

We went to the visitor centre near Dunstable for a quick cuppa (and to warm up a bit) and had fun watching the gliders taking off and swooping overhead.

Great fun was had by all, even Master C (despite an unfortunate football to groin incident) and it is a great place to spend an hour or two. Might even have to invest in a kite for myself. Over!

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Wednesday, 11 August 2010

I'll have a half....

Had to go to Oslo last weekend for a job. Managed to finish early so settled down for a quick pint before I had to make tracks to the airport.

Say hello to the most expensive beer in the world.....probably!!

£9!!!! Seriously!!

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Monday, 9 August 2010

Away days....

Just back from a great week away courtesy of our very good friends who let us use their places in Norfolk.
As Mrs C is now on her way to hospital to start the radiotherapy marathon, we felt it necessary to give ourselves and the cheeselets a bit of a break, so this was ideal.
So we spent time in the country in the Fens and also at the seaside which was just what the Doc ordered. Our chips and ice-cream levels are running just above normal and we have slightly low levels of 2p's. The weather was very kind to us too so we are very grateful to our kind friends for this fantastic week!