Sunday, 7 February 2010


I swear that sports and exercise are bad for your health. In a bid to get myself into some kind of shape (probably an 'O') for the forthcoming 5 mile fun run (an oxymoron) I have been attempting a few 2 mile slogs of late. However the resulting aches and pains are preventing a programme of sorts developing. Also the plates of cakes and brownies (courtesy of MOW - see MrsCheese etc) are preventing a programme of sorts developing. Yesterday's early morning run has brought me a siezed-up calf muscle which has been met with little sympathy by fellow runners (term used loosely).
This morning, at the Raiders football match the usual request for a linesman was made and the impairment affected my ability to run away in time so I was given the flag of doom.
Playing a team a couple of divisions above them, our boys obviously didn't read the script properly and decided to run up a 3-1 lead at half-time. Tempers amongst the travelling parents were starting to rise and a few choice comments were being made towards the referee who hadn't agreed with all of their decisions in the first half.
All of which made for a fun second half where I swapped sides to patrol the line in front of the opposition supporters. I take my hat off to match officials I have to say. How they can concentrate on such minor things as a game of football when all they can hear is the gnashing of teeth and sharpening of knives just a few feet behind them is beyond me.
When the referee ruled out one of their goals (I hadn't seen an offence, perhaps my eyes were tightly shut?) I feared the worst. However a small voice of reason amongst their number seemed to placate their fury, at least until the final whistle when a 5-2 defeat saw them stomp immediately pitchward.
I feared for the ref and perhaps for our victorious players but I needn't have worried. The object of their frustration and anger was their own team, who they proceeded to nag and criticise with little restraint.
It is supposed to be a sport and played for enjoyment, but seeing such hostility and negativity really makes me wonder.
They are probably the same sort who don't take part in fun runs (dodgy knees) and knock all those that do.
Now back to that calf muscle........Nurse!!!

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