Monday, 8 November 2010


Had a great time in North Yorkshire recently. The weather was mostly kind to us and enjoyed revisiting old haunts and meeting up with the folks.

It's been a while since we were last here and I did experience a few pangs of homesickness when feeling the old sea breeze (or was it just too many mushy peas?). I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.

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Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Birthday at Blenheim

Had a very lovely day at Blenheim Palace with Mrs C today to celebrate her birthday. For the first time we decided to go into the palace for a bit of culture.

It was a lovely sunny morning and we were amongst the first visitors so we went up to the first floor ( as advised by the plummy lady at the door - I thought it might be her house) where they had an interactive exhibit.

We walked into a dimly lit room which was like something from a Jane Austen costume drama and as the door closed automatically behind us, figures started to move and hologramic images started to talk. We then walked through to a number of rooms as the story of the Palace moved through the ages. It was a brilliant display and very interesting to see although I wonder if it would have been compromised if we were sharing with a crowd of other tourists.

Winston Churchill was quite a good paintist I learned as we saw some of his artwork displayed around the place. Seems he was rubbish at school but it would appear that a credible career in the army (oh, plus a great deal of nepotism) saw him carve out a name for himself in politics.
A nice cup of coffee and cake was had before a quick browse around nearby Woodstock to check out the nice shops.

Happy Birthday Mrs C. X

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

The water in Majorca....

Despite the delays at the airport and a seemingly endless coach journey at the other end we finally arrived in Alcudia to start our much needed holiday.

Despite having to hit KFC at midnight due to extreme hunger and then avoid a crowd of less-than-sober ladies staggering from Lineker's Bar in their matching 'Shiela is 50' t-shirts, we awoke the next morning to discover a beautiful hotel in a great town with views of the sea down the road and mountains all around. The hotel was very quiet, meaning no need for towel antics to reserve sun loungers by the pool and the weather was mostly kind to us. I have to admit that the pool was pretty cold (it reduced me to pre-pubescent dimensions if you catch my drift) but it was great to have so much space to ourselves. We had an apartment with a kitchen so we could please ourselves and there was a small supermarket on site. All in all it was a pretty good place to stay.

There is a very nice old quarter in Alcudia and Mrs C had great fun haggling with the handbag sellers at the Market there. Not sure they enjoyed it so much though. She is a pretty mean haggler!

We had good fun in the hotel bar where the extended Cheese family came out tops in the Pop Quiz for 2 nights running (our rivals were a large table of Danes - fortunately it was all good natured and no Viking tactics were adopted). On another night I ended up well and truly embarrased as I was picked out and had to sing along with the Abba tribute band! Fortunately I avoided further embarrassment when the subsequent karaoke event was postponed due to the Barcelona v Copenhagen game which I watched with great relief. Although it sounds rather Pontins it was all good fun and the 2 Scandinavian reps who were in the last week of their season were very laid back and low key.

We also took a little trip (7 in a 5 seat taxi!) to neighbouring Pollenca which is a beautiful seaside town nestling beneath a backdrop of mountains with plenty of bars and eateries and despite the cold we managed to get our toes in the water!

So all in all it was a great week, and hopefully the 4 Cheeses all felt the benefit of a summer(ish) holiday together. I'm certain that Mrs C had a nice relaxing time away and big thanks go to the Lincolnshire Cheesies for being there and arranging things for us.