Friday, 26 February 2010

The Hole thing...

I know we had a fair bit of snow this winter and for once it lasted for quite a few days, BUT it wasn't Siberia and certainly wasn't something we haven't experienced before. So what has happened to our roads in the last few weeks?
Driving around Berkhamsted at the moment is like driving around the rough end of Basra as you swerve to avoid the ruts and potholes in the road. I didn't notice many landmines going off in West Hertfordshire during February but that's what it resembles.

I've seen a few road crews out during the last few days - these are those SWAT-type teams that appear out of nowhere and stick cones in the road, then disappear just as quickly - but I haven't noticed much in the way of improvements; it's getting worse if anything.
If our car suspension is anything to go by, Herfordshire C.C are going to find a lot of complaints/ bills coming their way shortly.
Perhaps they need to consider fixing the roads with something stronger than Weetabix or whatever it is they use.

Have a look here:

This person obviously had enough - Hemel to L Buzzard road:

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  1. We have the same problem in Sevenoaks area too..It really is dramatically different than before Xmas...It just shows how poor the roads were laid.
    Imagine how bad it must be if you rode a bicycle to work.

  2. I blame the rise in obesity - all that extra weight in the car.
    Now the sun is out the tarmac'll probably melt.......