Saturday, 30 January 2010

32 inches

We decided to finally join the modern age and get a flat screen telly after the old box let us down once too often. I have to say it is an impressively flat thing and I am enjoying the extra foot of space we have gained back in the living room. However what it loses in depth it makes up for in width and the full 32 inches of width (impressive, huh) means the digibox is now partially obscured and we have to lean up towards the window to change channels with the remote.
However I am very pleased with this new wide TV. I suddenly realised that people don't always keep rudely leaving the room in sitcoms and also there are more than 6 people in Diversity. It is a whole new world.
I was allowed to watch the football the other night. It was the Manchester derby and I was pleased to see that despite the game being awash with money, they had decided to play it in a 1970's mud bath to give the match a retro feel, complete with coin-throwing incidents and general unruly behaviour.
Even better was the fact that the 3 ugliest men in football were the principal characters (Rooney, Tevez and Bellamy) which also felt charming and nostalgic. I watched my 32 inch for signs of a streaker getting ready but I guess you can't have everything.


  1. I object to the 'allowed' to watch football comment. Pah! What you've forgotten to mention is your daily dose of David Dickenson, what a Bobby Dazzler! Admit it Cheese, you're addicted.

  2. I spent half an hour adjusting the colour settings on the TV the other day. Then I was told he really is orange.