Thursday, 28 January 2010

Extreme timewasting

Just caught the end of Robson Green's Extreme Fishing show. Bit of a strange one this. I'd have thought anyone who sits by a lake for 8 hours watching a stick was a bit extreme. But good old Robbo took us to the Kenyan Coast and in his build up told us about the ultimate catch - the mighty black marlin. So I watched RG aboard his boat with his crew and listened to the tales about this mighty fish. And lo and behold, eventually they get a bite and old Robbo grips his rod (you know what I mean) and battles for 2 hours, man against marlin, as the line cuts into his fingers and his muscles ache. Finally after what seems like an eternity he pulls the marlin close to the boat - and then they let it go without so much as even seeing the darn thing up close. What a pointless exercise. Can't believe I just watched that.
It is the equivalent of climbing up a mountain then looking at a photo of the view.

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  1. Sometimes I like him, sometimes I hate him. Sometimes I feel that he is my mate but sometimes I feel that he is a lovie who is too smug and pretending to be interested in fish. Sometimes I want him to catch the fish. Sometimes I want it to sink its teeth through his wetsuit right through to the bone, so he coughs up champagne all over the deck. I am confused about my reaction to this actor.
    As a boy I went fishing with my friend James.We caught and killed a fish. We ate it. I feel that Robson Green is somehow to blame. Please advise.

  2. All I know is that he appeared on Top of Pops a lot when I was younger, posing as a singer and crooning to ladies. He also imitated a member of the armed forces, which is wrong. The man is a deviant and can't be trusted