Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Onion skins

Just back from a hospital appointment with the cancer specialist. Seems the cancer is more aggressive than they first thought and although happy with the lymph nodes they want to operate again to take away more tissue from the breast.
Suffice to say N and I are both feeling dumbstruck by this latest news. Another wait for yet another operation with the prospect of 18 weeks of chemo to follow means this will be a long, hard year for us both.
One of the nurses said to us that having cancer is like peeling the layers of an onion, ie it reveals itself progressively and you uncover more and more each time.
It can also make you cry a lot.

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  1. Incredible what you have to do with your heart and mind whilst this is happening/ going on/ to you /and around you. The onion analogy is good and explains things perfectly and simply.