Tuesday, 26 January 2010


Oh no. Just showing little visitor Mia (aged 2) our last remaining hamster while the kids were at school and I found him in the corner, a bit stiff-like. An ex-hamster.

Not looking forward to breaking the news. I predict 2 days of tears and then renewed apeals for a puppy.


  1. Slight over-estimation on the emotional front. A few tears but Dr Haribo came to the rescue.

  2. Ah and you're forgetting.........now can we get a guinea pig/chinchilla/puppy/bunny? Got to love kids

  3. We have promised our girls that we will get a dog in the next few years. Unfortunately we are trying to agree on what he should look like. We keep on spotting look-alikes everywhere and I shout 'There he is!' or Kate shouts..'he could be ours!' Meg says ' that's our dog.'
    I am starting to feel that we have to get one pretty soon and am missing him already. It feels like he is out there but living with someone else.
    I like this blog. I have never done one before so it is new to me.