Tuesday, 26 January 2010

First Post

First post. Pressure.... must be witty/ thought-provoking. But why break the habit of a lifetime?
Bit slow on the uptake with blogging. Not normally one to talk about myself, certainly not out loud, so not a natural route for me to take, but so much seems to be happening at the minute (not all of it good I must say) and I wanted to put some thoughts down on paper (as it were).
The big news is we are dealing with cancer. My wife was diagnosed with a rare form of breast cancer in November and has just had an operation to remove the growth. We know it has spread some way into the body, but we will learn how far tomorrow.
It has been a difficult time for us but our friends have been fantastic and have helped keep our spirits up during this stressful time.
We have told our kids. At ages 11 and 9 we felt they were able to cope with the news, particularly since their Auntie successfully overcame cancer 2 years ago. With this positive experience in mind they have dealt very well with the news. They have resumed normal behaviour which we find greatly reassuring.
Our friends have inundated us so much with offers of help and food. So much in fact that one friend has arranged a kind of 'meals on wheels' service with everyone so that the food comes in an organised fashion. We received a fantastic dinner last night and will do for the next 3 weeks!! We will have no option but to create a score sheet for this as a bit of fun. Masterchef watch out.
I'm supposed to be running a 5 mile Fun Run for charity in March. I've only just started training (pass the oxygen) and now with the food-aid I guess I will be about 10 pounds heavier come the date of the race.


  1. lhoughls are wilh you and N al lhis lime. Im slarling running loo. Ran 40 mins lo a slale of near collapse. Also you may nolice somelhing odd, slill using old laplop wilh missing lee. Using l as replacemenl!

  2. lhanks Chrislian,
    need to get lhal sorled!

  3. Lhal's the funniesl lhing i've read in a long lime!