Tuesday, 30 March 2010


Sometimes it seemed that the TV ads were better than the shows they interrupted. Good or bad they were undeniably of their time and unmistakably British, full of UK quirks and featuring distinctly average-looking British actors with average teeth.

More recently however I've noticed that there are an increasing number of American accents used. This used to be taboo - the feeling was that British consumers would be off-put by foreign voices. Somewhere along the line it has been decided that this perception needed to be challenged (obviously to save the cost of reshooting the ad) and a Global ad be used instead.

Occasionally this Global advertising campaign results in us being treated to some of the worst voice over-dubbing ever seen. Witness the hideous father-daughter ad where she gets him to hide his grey hair in order to secure a new job. Or Mr Muscle (note - not ironic skinny guy any more). Usually they seem to be cosmetics/ toiletries/ air fresheners etc.

And if that brat wants to come and do a poo in my house again, I will go mad.



  1. I have a problem with overdubbed English from French adverts, mainly because I can become jealous of the children who appear really happy in lovely sunshine in a deserted courtyard or by a cornfield. I wish that this could be me, and perhaps I could grow up all over again (but better obviously). Also because they twins who are tucking in to impossibly small yoghurts.
    I feel 'conflicted' by the meanness of the yoghurt while all about is plentiful. I have a Yoplait associated disorder..can you advise?

  2. I suggest switching to Froobs. The use of the fingers to squeeze is eminently more satisfying and avoids the disappointment associated with the last spoonful.
    I suspect petit filous are also more petit than they used to be (or spoons are bigger).