Thursday, 18 March 2010

You Wot 2

What is it about the new phenomenon in British speech that makes people so uncertain about their own opinions that they need to guard against any possible comeback?
I refer of course to the great contradiction that is the 'Yeah-No' answer. So addictive is this response that it is used by teenagers, TV personalities, footballers, business people, commuters etc.
For example, if I were to ask any member of the aforementioned if they were unhappy at the present moment, the response would be something like:
"Yeah, no I'm sorta like not so unhappy, you know"
Well quite frankly, no, I don't know.

I know I'm the sort of person who rubs out excess apostrophes on greengrocers' blackboards but surely everyone must agree with this one.

Watch out - it's catching. Or is it?
Yeah, No......

Cheers, thanks (don't get me started)


  1. This is like ..'dya know what I mean?' on everything.
    Heard a great one this week in New York. Man goes into KFC and asks for 40 pieces of chicken in 2 buckets. Chinese server lady asks..'to eat in or take away?' Man says..'how can you expect me to eat 40 pieces of chicken? To take out of course.'
    Chinese Woman shouts at him..'BITCH..I don't know your life!'
    (apply chinese accent when you shout it)

  2. Wow NY - you are so like, you know. And I was thinking like wow and you were like there seeing that, and I was like, no way and you were like, yeah and I was, like cool.
    That's what I'm saying!

    There is a version of that story in a Chinese takeaway - you have to shout in a Chicken accent.