Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Next step

Mrs C will once again be having her chemo treatment this week. Just over 3 weeks since the last one due to the holidays, it has been a difficult time for her as, after the initial sickness and tiredness, her recovery was spoiled by a throat problem and some complications to the surgery wound, leaving her in constant pain.
Today we are at the hospital, but in advance of the chemo on Thursday she is having a thin pipeline inserted into her vein to make the forthcoming injections less problematic for her.
Tomorrow it is back to hospital for another examination of the surgery wound and hopefully a solution to aid the healing.
It is going to be a difficult week for Mrs C, with the chemo and its after effects to come, but I hope she can get some relief from all the other problems soon so that she can try and enjoy the recovery time. If so we can hopefully grab a couple of days away by the seaside. She certainly has earned a break!

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  1. We'd love to see you at our seaside any time. Easy train from Paddington and we'd pick you up. Just tell us which train you are on. Thinking of you and sending lots of love and supporting hugs. Em + Ade x x x x

  2. Hi Paul/Nerys,
    Michelle,the girls and I are thinking about you all. It's such a difficult process but as you mentioned, it will all be worth it in the end. We hope that you all get that well earned break at the seaside.
    Thinking about you all the time and send you all our love.

  3. Seaside still an option but we are struggling to fit it in with all the ailments, appointments and kid events going on. Found some sand in the garden the other day. That will have to do for now......