Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Major Widget Incident

Mrs C had a fright this morning when her lovely Blog escorted unsuspecting visitors off to the nether regions of the web to inspect some ropey Chinese TV website amongst other things, courtesy of a Widget Hijack!
Yes, some naughty people had taken hold of some imported code on Mrs C's page and had rewritten it so that it pointed to a new webpage.
Never fear - she called in the expert (?) and I identified this problem as a ropey widget, namely the hit counter she had added at the bottom of the blog. So by deleting this code from the blog, I have eliminated the problem.
In order to prevent a similar issue arising with the cheeseboard, I have taken the decision to retire the fish tank from my pages. Sorry fish fans.

For future ref - this was helpful:

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  1. I did try turning it off and on again.............