Monday, 15 March 2010


I write this from the chemo suite at Mount Vernon hospital where Mrs C is undergoing her first session of chemotherapy.
After a very long and anxious wait the nurse is administering the first of a cocktail of drugs via a line which will start the recovery process. Along the way there will be a number of difficulties but at least this is the start of the eradication.
Mrs C has elected to wear an ice cap in order to try and slow down or even prevent hairloss. This thing looks a bit like a bike helmet with a hosepipe attached and is running at about -4 degrees. But, as she says, it is worth trying.
Looking at her sitting in her reclining armchair she looks the most relaxed she has done for weeks as she has the various drugs slowly pumped into her. I just hope that the after effects are not as bad as we fear.
Well done Mrs C, you are a very brave girl. X x

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  1. You're all so brave and so fab and we send you all our love, hugs and prayers. E xxxx

  2. Be kind to yourself too Paul! Lots of love from us

  3. We are thinking of you both at this time...give our love to Nerys and tell her to be brave.