Monday, 1 March 2010


When I was a kid I used to marvel at the mad inventions of this guy called Wilf Lunn who used to appear on programmes like Magpie and Vision On with his bicycles and other contraptions. It really used to appeal to me, the idea of spending hours in the shed with pieces of scrap metal and producing something the size of a house that performed the task of removing a cherry stone, for example.

It was great to visit Southwold in East Anglia and discover, on the pier, an amusement arcade full of mad contraptions build by another guy called Tim Hunkin. I later discovered that he was also responsible for those scribbly wisdom cartoons I recall from my yoof.

He also has a product range of fantastic ideas that none of us can live without (it says here). This is a favourite:

The world still needs English eccentrics!


  1. I LOVE THIS :) do you have a couple in the cheese kitchen yet?

  2. No - they're not allowed out of the cellar until Xmas