Friday, 23 April 2010

St George's Day

Happy St Georges Day!!
Apparently, being English and too reserved/ cynical we don't celebrate our saint's day enough. Could this be because we have some difficulty associating with our saint (apparently a Roman soldier) and the fact that he is shared with so many other countries (Ethiopia, Greece, Georgia, Palestine etc). Or the fact that as a dragon slayer he has no real sense of purpose for us any more (the dragons have all gone or are living in a commune in Snowdonia).
Therefore I propose that we reinvent St Georges day and attempt to Anglicise our saint with a more personable and representative figure. Here are a few ideas:

George (without Mildred - dragon slayed??)

George Harrison - Noble knight with saintly hairdo (one of 4 apostles)

George Formby - English minstrel

For me - George Cole probably tips it - English gentleman and merchant. Honest, upright, earnest and purveyor of nice watches.



  1. Being as St. George had brown skin, do you think that 'George' from 'Rainbow' is an appropriate addition to this gallery?

  2. And George Michael? Don't see him on your list and he's your favourite too!!!!!

  3. Also George Foreman, who lets face it, is really browner than everyone else and has been missed out completely in your survey.

  4. And doesn't he have 4 kids all named George too? (Also has a mean, lean grillin' machine)

  5. On reflection I have decided that the most appropriate is St George of Asda - patron saint of jogging pants, crop tops and Jeremy Kyle.