Friday, 30 April 2010

Waiting rooms

Mrs C is home again after another (long) day at hospital receiving her 3rd Chemo. The process is not so much painful, more uncomfortable - knowing it involves a lot of waiting around and the anxiety around knowingly poisoning yourself.

As with the last treatment she is feeling even more tired (it seems to be building up), and is now feeling very sick. However she was able to have a nice meal before this started - courtesy of Mrs R who left a nice fish pie on the doorstep for when we got home. Many thanks!!

This morning we went to our other favourite hospital so that the nurse could redress the surgery wound which is still not healed and is painful - on balance, probably as bad as the chemo.

On Wednesday I had to drop off the car in Luton and wait around for a service to be done. I can definitely state after three days in waiting rooms that the chairs in Mount Vernon hospital are softer on the backside.

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