Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Pebble dash

On Saturday we decided to head to the beach for a little R&R as it was a nice day. We headed for Hastings which as we recently rediscovered has had a bit of mini-Renaissance of late with just the right amount of new shops and businesses to make it appealing without the over-development.
That plus the fact that it has a permanent funfair, crazy golf ( with water jets!), good fish & chips and money-wasters (amusements) means it appeals to all the Cheeses.
There seemed to be a lot of pirates in town. I liked the way nobody turned a blind eye (pardon the pun) as they strolled about the High Street.

We discovered late in the day that there was an Open Studio day taking place so we quickly decided to high tail it to the beach to view a number of studios which had been set up in beach huts.

There were a number of painters, sculptors and fabric designers who had thrown open the doors of their huts. With the good weather, some were making a real occasion of it and had the Pimms out and a barbie going. 

I don't think these are working studios - just stage sets, but they created a good vibe down on the beach.

This all managed to fit in with the shabby-chic feeling of Hastings and was a great way to end the day.

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  1. Very unconvincing pirates - no tatoos, no inappropriate piercings, no limbs missing. No stray snakes around the neck either (no really, I've seen them!) Penzance - that's where the real pirates live, and nobody bats an eyelid there either. Lovely Crafty Artiness though, you can't beat a beach hut specially when its full of gorgeous loveliness. xxxx