Tuesday, 21 September 2010


Now we have been in this house for precisely 3 years we were desperate to rid ourselves of yesterpeoples 'orrid green carpet that we have enduredin our sitting room.
Without any spare cash we decided we would remove said carpet and, if everything was ok underneath, we would sand and stain the boards as an interim measure.

What joy as we discovered a set of pretty decent floorboards underneath, most still untouched by bodgers and with original tongue and groove joints. However as I worked my way across the room, our joy became short lived as I discovered the boards came to a sudden end. Unfortunately, one third of the floor is concrete - and not even nice concrete at that as patches of the previous tiled floor show through in places.

So we will have to live with this for a bit and try and paint over this area to blend in as best as possible. Got any spare green carpet anyone?


  1. Bugger! And the good bit looks sooo good too. The answer is to set your super talented, artistic wife to painting the concrete to match the floor boards, a little horizontal trompe l'oiel (apologies for spelling but you know what I mean). Problem solved - cheap too! (not the Mrs, I mean the paint) Let me know how it goes. xxxx

  2. Right, so will it be rhinoceros eyelash, rat's poo or anthracite (are they on the Farrow and Ball colour chart?) Happy sanding and painting Mr Cheese.....and thank you for removing the 'orrid green carpet x