Saturday, 3 July 2010

Rings, strings and playthings...

Always one to keep an eye on the old homeland, I was really thrilled to hear about a new art project called the Tees Valley Giants which promised 5 stunning pieces of sculpture which would be commissioned by world-class artists.

The first of these, Temenos, has been completed and is sited over the old dock area. Designed by Anish Kapoor it was conceived as 'something huge, ephemeral and mysterious' to suit the industrial landscape it sits within.

It is longer than a jumbo jet and as tall as Nelson's column so certainly meets the criteria in terms of scale, yet I can't help feeling that somehow the finished article misses the mark and appears somewhat lightweight and whimsical, almost a child's plaything compared with the scale of the site and the industrial and steel-making heritage of the region.

Seeing is believing however and I look forward to the chance to see it in the flesh next time I am Oop North.


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  2. I'm not sure about this layout. I think you need to speak to a qualified designer.........
    Know one?????

  3. Step in Mrs Cheese. The old look was cosy, comfy and reassuringly 70's, this one is making me feel all lightheaded and discombobulated (technical graphics term). Mind you it fits with the modern art theme, Mr C are you trying to up our cultural and artistic levels? Mine could certainly do with upping - so good luck with that! xxxx
    Ps. how big is the basket ball to go with that!!!!!

  4. The sculpture will have rusted over by the time you next come up to good old boro!!!!!!!!!!

  5. KS - I think you might have hit on the answer. The sculpture is next to Middlesbrough football ground which is in itself next to the dock. I think it is designed to fish balls out of the water every time they shoot.