Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Not watching paint dry....

Although work is sporadic at times at least it varies.

Working for a famous DIY retailer last week I was pleased to be asked to do something completely different as I was led to the basement area in the deserted part of the building.

Although slightly concerned that I was going to be abandoned for no apparent reason, I was asked to do some merchandising. Basically it was stacking empty paint tins in accordance with a planogram. At least it got me out from behind a desk!

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  1. Who led you to the basement and why did you go with them?
    Where they German with small glasses and a moustache, a small girl with pigtails and gingerbread, or possibly Laurence Lewellyn Bowen?
    Why were the tins empty? Are you sure this wasn't a strange dream?

  2. Have you been solvent-sniffing again?