Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Birthday at Blenheim

Had a very lovely day at Blenheim Palace with Mrs C today to celebrate her birthday. For the first time we decided to go into the palace for a bit of culture.

It was a lovely sunny morning and we were amongst the first visitors so we went up to the first floor ( as advised by the plummy lady at the door - I thought it might be her house) where they had an interactive exhibit.

We walked into a dimly lit room which was like something from a Jane Austen costume drama and as the door closed automatically behind us, figures started to move and hologramic images started to talk. We then walked through to a number of rooms as the story of the Palace moved through the ages. It was a brilliant display and very interesting to see although I wonder if it would have been compromised if we were sharing with a crowd of other tourists.

Winston Churchill was quite a good paintist I learned as we saw some of his artwork displayed around the place. Seems he was rubbish at school but it would appear that a credible career in the army (oh, plus a great deal of nepotism) saw him carve out a name for himself in politics.
A nice cup of coffee and cake was had before a quick browse around nearby Woodstock to check out the nice shops.

Happy Birthday Mrs C. X

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