Wednesday, 11 August 2010

I'll have a half....

Had to go to Oslo last weekend for a job. Managed to finish early so settled down for a quick pint before I had to make tracks to the airport.

Say hello to the most expensive beer in the world.....probably!!

£9!!!! Seriously!!

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  1. £1.75 has been quaffed in this image..This is like the bite radius of a great white shark. From just this scientists can determine that this has been attacked from the side with some force. No fingerprints suggest either fins or a straw were involved.

  2. You are right about £1.75. This was how I received the drink. I have heard about high taxation in Scandinavia and I think this includes having the top of your pint sipped by the waiter.
    Suffice to say he didn't get a tip.

  3. Mr B - I hope you had a great holiday in Greece. I hear that the weather has been blinding - I do hope this hasn't been taken literally and you had a great time!!!
    Spk Sn

    Mr Cheese

  4. Very good thanks. The getting back to apres holiday life is just too have to pay all the time and also wear clothes. Holiday was great, motorbikes, flippers and pools but trying not to look forward to next year too much!
    Talk soon!