Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Phew what a scorcher...

We had a few unseasonal hot days down here this week, which was very nice thank you (normal service has now resumed).
As predictable as melting tarmac when this occurs, we were once again treated to the usual shoddy newspaper journalism. Cue a picture of a very busy Brighton Beach. Cue a couple of 'lovelies' in bikinis and sunnies. And of course, the very predictable and well worn headline of 'hotter than the Med'.

If the sole purpose of these articles is to give you something bleeding obvious to say to your neighbour/ colleague/ milkman etc (coo, isn't it hot) then why not go the whole hog and develop a full series of plainly pointless soundbites to kill off the art of conversation altogether. I give you:
Monday 'Ooh, don't people drive fast nowadays'
Tuesday ' Bah, there's nothing on but repeats'
Wednesday 'Eugh, don't they wear funny clothes today'
Thursday 'Gosh, aren't eggs expensive'
Friday 'Damn, the roads are getting worse'
Saturday (Weekend supplement) 'Well, it might brighten up later'

Its a bank holiday this weekend so they might as well start writing now........M5 traffic chaos, doom gloom....

1 comment:

  1. Spike Milligan's Gran had favourite sayings such as:
    'Save the string..'
    'There's more on the mantelpiece'
    I can add..'if it smells like fish, it probably is fish'
    and also 'if it's got runny eyes, don't stroke it'.